The lectures consist of 11 lessons delivered in two forms: videos (streaming from YouTube) and slides (in PDF and PPTX formats).

 #  Topic Videos Slides
URL Size (mm:ss) PDF PPTX
L1 Introduction to Software Analysis [video] 19:36 [PDF] [PPTX]
L2 Introduction to Software Testing [video] 33:17 [PDF] [PPTX]
L3 Random Testing [video] 35:28 [PDF] [PPTX]
L4 Automated Test Generation [video] 45:52 [PDF] [PPTX]
L5 Dataflow Analysis [video] 40:00 [PDF] [PPTX]
L6 Pointer Analysis [video] 50:09 [PDF] [PPTX]
L7 Constraint-Based Analysis [video] 40:53 [PDF] [PPTX]
L8 Type Systems [video] 59:37 [PDF] [PPTX]
L9 Statistical Debugging [video] 51:45 [PDF] [PPTX]
L10 Delta Debugging [video] 35:51 [PDF] [PPTX]
L11 Dynamic Symbolic Execution [video] 46:47 [PDF] [PPTX]